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Martial Arts in Perth, Western Australia

Shuto strike to opponent

Traditional Taekwondo is a form of Taekwondo that was exported out of Korea between 1950s and 1960s. It was developed mainly by Korean Shotokan Karate instructors. This early form of Taekwondo is unlike the sporting variety you see at the Olympics. Like Shotokan, it has powerful and devastating hand techniques plus powerful and versatile kicks.

The architects of Taekwondo were looking to form a martial art catering towards the needs of a newly developing Korean army. They redeveloped Shotokan Karate patterns to form a new training program for army personnel. These patterns make for a very effective training approach by combining time-tested and modern applications. Read more about martial arts training in Nedlands.

Traditional Taekwondo is taught by Colin Wee, a martial arts instructor who has been practicing for 23 years. With experience in three martial arts, Colin offers quality instruction to students who are willing to put in the extra yards. Read about Colin's Taekwondo's training background.

HRGB currently only caters to students over 14yo. Training is free. To join HRG, you must first email an inquiry to us explaining why you want to learn martial arts and a commitment to stick with the program. Training sessions are held on the corner of Smyth and Monash Road in Nedlands, Perth.

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